The CORONA actions have induced us to present you a new interactive digital format.

Discuss LIVE 45 minutes with experts on key issues of the automotive industry. Program start is April 29. A total of 3 events are scheduled every 2 weeks.


The aim is to offer orientation and support in managing the COVID19 crisis and in improving economic cooperation and collaboration between the German and Chinese automotive industry.

The briefing takes place in an exclusive round (by invitation only) and is intended as a first-hand exchange for and with decision makers on current topics such as production and impact on supply chains, market demand development, support programs and offers, etc.

The start is on 28 May at 11 am (MEST).


Digitization of Global Supply Chains in times of Corona

Case Study: Huawei and IBM

Discussion including question and answer session

Supporting Partner:



"We should open ourselves to the country, work together and not shut ourselves off"

— Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Direktor Center Automotive Research

Apply to Corona Situation Room Webinar

Our Webinar is by-invitation-only. If you’d like to attend, please use this form to submit an application. The regular price of the ticket is 250 EUR plus VAT. Once your booking has been approved, you will receive the invoice, which must be paid before the webinar begins.